from 23-year-old data analyst to founder

  • By Velvet Noir

from 23-year-old data analyst to founder


If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I don’t like being the center of attention. Yes, part of my job is being “the face” for our brand, but I’m not inspired by the spotlight (I actually don’t like being on camera at all) – instead, my goal is to use my position in life to raise up the people around me.

You’re busy, though, so here’s the lowdown on who I am and how we got to this point

  • I worked in Corporate America from 2009 until 2019. Marketing was my main role but I’ve worked in and alongside Sales, Finance, and Legal.
  • That set me up for an entrepreneurial career in marketing and branding, and I entered that world at the perfect time, starting my first graphic design company in 2011 – which meant I would thrive even through multiple recessions.
  • 2015 is when I had the first thoughts about Velvet Noir. An associate of mine mentioned another grooming company and told me the owner wanted me to try their products. Long story short, I never received them. I was out with a close friend one night and I said “I think we can sell beard products.” And that’s when the research started.
  • Most recently, Velvet Noir has been featured in publications such as ESSENCE, GQ, and Men’s Health. We’re also an accredited Black owned brand on Amazon. With over 8,000 orders placed since 2017, I couldn’t be more proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

Sure, I work hard, but who doesn’t? However, I am very aware that luck and timing were huge factors in getting to where we are today. I know you have your choice of grooming products at your disposal to try out. Just know it means the world to me that you’ve chosen or even thought about choosing Velvet Noir. 

See you next time,

Roderick Foster 

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