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Working From Home Tips!

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Working From Home Tips!

Everybody wants to work from home until it's time to work from home! 

COVID-19 has a lot of the population faced with the task of bringing their work lives into their home lives and figuring out how to balance the two. For me, that has been a way of life for the past 2 years. By no means am I a "Work From Home," expert, but I have picked up a few tips along the way that have helped me stay on task and focused while trying to keep that work/life/productivity balance from the most comfortable place in my personal life. Below I have 5 tips that may help you within the new confines of your new office!


Get A Routine.

I find if you're able to get into a routine while doing something out of the ordinary, it makes it 100% easier to stay focused and essentially, get shit done. Sorry. I hope we're all adults here. It doesn't have to be the most strict, written out routine either.

"Alright so boom, I'll eat breakfast at 9am, and then work until 11:30/12pm-ish. Then maybe I'll get a workout in and eat. Take a shower, and work again until 4ish."

That's it. Super easy. That was me talking to me just now. I just typed while I spoke. But you're training your mind. Which is the key to this whole thing. 


Put On “Work-ish” Clothes

This is the one. My productivity rose a good 40% when I started putting on clothes I'd wear to a physical office, opposed to my normal "at the house" leisure attire: Sweat pants. Graphic Tee. Adidas Flip Flops. 

I can't speak for anyone else but putting decent clothes on just makes me feel like I'm about to do something. Sweats... eh, my mind may think I'm just chillin. But please don't think I'm saying put on a 18 piece suit to go sit in your living room.

Actually... If you're committed enough to do that for 5 business days and tag us on Instagram in the #WorkFromHomeSuitChallenge I'll send you some products for free! 


Open Window Blinds

Natural light just seems more conducive to getting work done during the day. There are definitely times where I prefer my surroundings to be dark but if I'm actively working throughout the day with a lot of tasks to get complete, I want the natural light to somewhat provide another source of energy I can pull from.

That sounded deep.


Get As Uncomfortably Comfortable as Possible

You can't be comfortable AT HOME trying to get work done. I'm not sure what the percentages are but I'm sure it's pretty high that the brain psychology will think you're at home so getting "work" done with be slightly more difficult. Trick yourself.

Sit in a barstool. Stand up and work off your laptop. Sit on a porch. Sit on a Balcony. Sit on a Roof. If you fall that's on you. But do something different so that your mind doesn't think you're just lounging around the house. 


Operate Off of a Checklist

Pretty simple, that one. Every morning I figure out what I need to get done that day and then I order them from most-least importance and get it done. 

"These are just suggestionsssssssss" *Usher Voice*


That's it. That's all I have. Have any other tips or suggestions? Leave a comment. 

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Thank you! 

- R. 

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