Essential Set

By Velvet Noir Beard Care


The Velvet Noir Essential Set comes ready to go with your choice of beard oil and our follicle satisfying beard co-wash. Whether you're just beginning your beard journey or looking to further maintain what you currently have, the Velvet Noir Essential Set is a great solution.

Whether Blak Ice, The Signature, Bourbon Barrel, or Lagniappe you can't go wrong with this set!

100% All Natural – All of our products moisturize the skin underneath your beard, strengthens the hair follicle, stops hair shedding, and gives you stronger, softer beard hair.

Product Benefits:

  • Stimulates growth in thin and/or patchy beard areas.
  • Makes coarse hair softer and much more manageable.

How to use: Apply Beard Oil twice daily. For best results we recommend applying after using Velvet Noir Beard Co-Wash to clean your beard. Add a dime sized amount (depending on size of your beard) drops then rub into your beard. Use our wooden Beard comb to evenly distribute the oil throughout your beard.  Use our Conditioning Balm 1-2 times daily. Apply a dime sized amount to your hand and rub together until melted. Apply evenly to Beard to ensure you get maximum moisture retention! 

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