Beard Care Maintenance Tips

Beard Products Designed For You!

  • By Velvet Noir

Beard Products Designed For You!

Velvet Noir was founded in New Orleans, La and we provide handmade Beard & Skin care products that positively reflect our community in a time where self-care has become the best luxury that we can give ourselves. 

We are committed to providing the highest of quality products at a fair price. I truly believe what separates us from other companies is 100% of our business operations are handled in house. Which adds a different level of care, in my opinion.

Our current product line contains 4 Beard Oils, Beard Balm, Beard Co-Wash, Peachwood Beard Comb, as well as an Organic Shaving Set that features Shaving Foam, Balm, Toner. 

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Beard Oil Moisturizes the skin. Adds moisture to the facial hair. Beard Balm conditions. With 4 different butters it keeps facial hair soft and the skin underneath moisturized. Beard Co-Wash cleans the facial hair without damaging or removing naturally produced sebum oils.

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