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Can Beard Co-Wash Save Your Beard?

Can Beard Co-Wash Save Your Beard?

Any man who has ever touched his beard knows that facial and scalp hair are very different things. They both benefit from proper care, but something that can help one will often harm the other. This is certainly the case when it comes to shampoo, since shampoo products will often cause a beard to dry out and get brittle. It's much safer to use a specialized beard co-wash to keep your facial hair in good condition. They offer a few unique benefits that you can't get with conventional shampoo, and they can solve a few problems that some experience when growing and maintaining a health beard.


The human body naturally produces oils that help to keep facial hair healthy and strong. Getting rid of that oil will cause your beard to dry out, get frizzy, and even make the individual hairs break apart. At best, getting rid of the oils will make your beard look scraggly and unappealing. At worst, it'll destroy your beard completely.

Unfortunately, generic shampoos have a tendency to eliminate those oils. That makes them terrible for your beard, since there's no point in cleaning it if doing so will ruin it anyway. Instead, you should use a dedicated beard wash. They avoid the chemicals that strip away natural oils while retaining the ones that get rid of dirt and other contaminants from your beard. Our beard co-wash will help to rejuvenate the beard and makeup for any oil that it loses over time to maximize the protective effect.


Both your beard and the skin under it can dry out over time. Conventional shampoos will make it worse, but simply exposing your beard to the environment is enough to dry things out.

That dryness causes two big problems. It will hurt your beard's appearance coarse, wiry, and fragile. Dry hair is unhealthy hair, and it's easy for people to tell the difference between the two. Dry skin is uncomfortable and prone to developing other conditions. It also looks bad, but your beard will normally hide it from view.

You can solve these problems by picking a beard co-wash that is optimized to keep your beard and skin hydrated. All of them will avoid the dehydration that comes with using normal shampoo, and that's enough for some men. Our beard co-wash is especially helpful for those prone to dry skin or hair under normal conditions, as it is formulated to add extra hydration.


Black men with beards know that they can get itchy, especially when they are still short. Who wants to deal with that, and there are a lot of products out there that can cut down on itchiness. The problem is that most of them are meant to go on bare skin, and they don't work very well when you apply them through a beard.

Fortunately, our beard co-wash includes ingredients that help to cut down on itching. You won't run into any problems applying them through your beard because that's where they are meant to go in the first place.


Your skin is the first line of defense against the environment, so it has to deal with a lot of stress. Inflammation, redness, and other problems are common. Serious blemishes will be visible around the edge of your beard, so it's best to take care of them as quickly as possible.

Our beard co-wash includes protection against inflammation and provides general soothing for your skin. Usage will make sure that you avoid most of the common problems.


People who don't treat their beards well end up with smelly beards. Keeping them clean helps a lot, but adding a pleasant scent can also work wonders. Our beard co-wash comes with a delightful rose-citrus-mint smell that is one of a kind.


You have to treat your beard right if you want it to look good. Our beard co-wash will make a huge difference by preventing damage to your beard. Adding our conditioning balm to your routine will help bring your beard to the next level and make sure that people notice it. It really does make the difference between having an attractive beard and looking like you were too lazy to shave, so no one should go without them.

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