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Summer Beard SZN

Summer Beard SZN

The heat is here and it’s time to keep the Beard nice and cool! Despite a widely held belief that when summer comes, the beard comes off, beards can actually be quite beneficial – and even keep you cooler in warm weather. 

Read on for our best beard care tips for a summer beard.

1. Wash your beard regularly

The summer heat will automatically make you sweat more, which means more stickiness and wetness all across your facial region. Wash your beard more frequently than you usually do with or Sulfate-free, Conditioning Beard Wash that won’t dry out the skin. This will remove any sticky feeling as well as the debris that tends to accumulate in our beards. Finish with our lightweight Beard Oil to keep the skin and hair resilient. Be sure to use these products along the beard line as well, where skin tends to be drier.

2. Pay extra attention to moisturizing

Beard hair is more coarse than hair on the rest of your body, so it’s important to keep it moisturized. If you don’t, it can feel extra irritated in harsh weather. Use our lightweight Beard Oil (which has a lighter consistency than beard balm) to soften beard hair, reduce itch, and tame wild hairs.

3. Give your beard a trim

Beards can actually combat the summer heat. They act as natural sun protection and there’s no greater feeling than getting that thing wet and walking around – as water evaporates, you get a nice cooling effect.

Don’t forget to keep both your skin and newly cropped beard moisturized by continuing to use beard oil.

An extra tip: Trim off split ends, and for coarser hair use something thicker like out Beard Balm.

Our Velvet Set comes equipped with everything you need to keep your Beard as healthy as possible this Summer! Check it out below! 

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