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Patchy Beard? Here Are Some Tips!

Patchy Beard? Here Are Some Tips!

Patchy beards can be the results of a mistake during shaving, a new product, or a bad barbershop experience. Whatever the case, below are a couple tips that may help you get over the hump!

Give Enough Time For Your Beard To grow

Patience is the key to a good-looking beard and having new patches does not disqualify you from wearing and owning your beard. If you notice patches in your beard, it means your beard needs more grooming or the undergrowth made the top layer of the hair fall off. A patchy beard can also mean that some parts of your beard grow slower than the rest. To solve this issue, allow your beard to grow out and fill the spaces by combing or brushing to increase the hair volume and avoid breakages.

A Proper Beard Care Routine

Give your beard the best care possible to keep it looking good and healthy. Applying Velvet Noir Beard Oils, Balm, and using our Beard Co-Wash on a regular basis to cleanse and nourish the skin underneath are some great habits to start with. This process will keep your beard looking clean and healthy and people will notice this instead of the patchiness. So, we advise you to invest in a good beard care routine and better products for a better-looking beard.

We advise that you dedicate more time to your beard if you want to see any real changes. Our beards are part of our hair and proper care and time will give you fuller hair faster than anticipated.


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